August 5, 2023
    Remington Park

Catch a glimpse of everything Horror at OKC’s Horror Con!
Order tickets now for the premier Horror event in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City’s Horror Con is a Horror themed, family-friendly event! The show consists of celebrity guests, the BEST vendors in the region, cosplay, Q&A’s panels, Nightfall Haunted Territory’s haunted forest, Scaryokie , and many more spooky events!
Horror fans come join us for the most exciting weekend of the year!
Saturday August 5, 2023 (10am – 6pm) Sunday August 6, 2023 (11am – 5pm)’
Scheduled to appear Scout Taylor-Compton – an actress best known for playing Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Scout is currently a co-host of our favorite podcast, Talk Scary To Me.
David Naughton – an actor best known for starring in An American Werewolf in London.
Robert Brian Wilson – an actor best known for the role he played in Silent Night, Deadly Night.
Dee Wallace – an actress best known for the roles she played in E.T, The Howling, Cujo, Critters, and The Hills Have Eyes.
Andrew Divoff – is an American actor best known for the role he played in Wishmaster.
Barbara Crampton – an actress and producer known for the roles she played in Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, From Beyond, Castle Freak, You’re Next, and Puppet Master.
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. – actor, public speaker, producer and writer. He is best known for his roles in The Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th part Five, Juwanna Mann, and Life.
Linnea Quigley – actress, film producer, model, singer, and author. She is best known for her roles in Return of the Living Dead, Silverman Silent Night, Deadly Night, Night of the Demons, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.
Thom Mathews – known for portraying Freddy in the 1985 Cult horror film The Return of The Living Dead and for his unforgettable character Tommy Jarvis in the 1986 fan favorite film Friday the 13th: Jason Lives
C.J. Graham – played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, starred in the horror/comedy film Highway To Hell as the main antagonist, a heavily made-up, silent monster called the HellCop.
For tickets information please visit HORRORCONOKC.COM
Saturday Pass – $25 Sunday Pass – $25 Weekend Pass – $40 VIP Pass – $100