ABOUT Gabriellas

When we set out to make pizzas, we wanted to do it right. We wanted the right ingredients and the right tools that could allow us to make a product that we could be proud of. To that end, our restaurant features a brick oven by Mugnaini Imports, a company that has specialized in hearth cooking since 1989. Our oven is fired exclusively with seasoned oak, and is the first of it's kind in Oklahoma. There's no gas connection to our brick oven, which means if there's no wood, there's no fire. The average internal temperature of our brick oven is 700F, and we burn roughly 400 lbs. of oak a day to maintain that heat. The product result is a pizza with a crispy, slightly charred crust with a slightly smoky flavour.

But our oven isn't the only thing that makes our pizzas extraordinary. Our pizza dough is made fresh everyday with Antico Molino Caputo flour for its 100% natural 12 percent gluten content that allows the dough to rise to an airy texture that still packs a crunch. Combined with our from-scratch pizza sauces and hand carved and fresh grated cheeses, the result is a pizza that is heavy on flavor, not on your stomach.

Ask your server if you can see that oven in action. We're more than happy to give you a tour.